We use and recommend 
    VALVOLINE oils
Our services starts at just $125 and includes Valvoline oil, new oil filter, we check the condition and top up all fluids, test the battery, check all belts and hoses, and do a thorough inspection to ensure your car is safe to drive.
Log book servicing is also available and won't void your new car warranty.
Any parts we use for a log book service meet or exceed OEM and australian standards.
Cholesterol is not healthy, and your cars engine can suffer the automotive version of it; SLUDGE.
Sludge is formed by the oil thickening and solidifying due to the hotter running temperatures seen in todays engines. It blocks oil passages and the oil pickup in the sump, causing premature engine failure.
We recommend using an oil flush at every service / oil change to prevent the sludge from building up because once it is there it is very hard to remove. (and new engines are NOT cheap)
We do all forms of brake repairs including: 
*brake pad replacment
*in house disc and drum machining
*flush and bleed brake fluid
*master & wheel cylinders, boosters and brake hoses. 
Whether you just need a muffler replaced or a full sports system, we can accommodate your needs.
We can supply and fit extractors, high flow catalytic converters,and sports exhaust systems in either mild or stainless steel as well as standard systems for most makes and models.
The suspension system is probably one of the most overlooked areas of the car.  Many people don't notice the gradual change in their car's handling as parts wear out.
 We specialise in all types of suspension repairs including lowering, bush & ball joint replacement,  shock absorbers and struts as well as power steering pumps and racks.
Is the check engine light coming on while driving or do you need a new key coded for your commodore or falcon?
We use a G-Scan diagnostic scanner to help with these problems and more...